Home to the lush 18-hole Aspen Links Country Club, Emerald Park and White City are located 5 miles east of Regina along Highway #1. A thriving bedroom community, Emerald Park and White City offer the comforts of living in a small town with all the conveniences of living near a big city.

Great Plains Leaseholds, had a vision for a community of larger-lot homes built around a golf course.

Now, Emerald Park and White City boast beautiful homes, industrial, retail and commercial businesses, and is a true full-service community.

There are over 130 businesses located in and around Emerald Park and White City, employing approximately 1,800 people. Businesses, including grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, clothing and retail stores, and restaurants serve residents, while industrial companies and specialty farm equipment retailers and manufacturers lead the way in innovation and forward-thinking.

In Emerald Park and White City residents have access to two excellent elementary schools including one French Emersion, tennis courts, pickleball courts, soccer fields (and a soccer centre facility on Great Plains Road), several pathways, trails and playground equipment, in addition to a privately run indoor skating rink (Communiskate).

Our communities boast excellent essential services such as the White Butte RCMP F Division detachment in Emerald Park in addition to local municipal officers, a local fire department and Emerald Park and White City is a location for “on Call” emergency nurses and doctors.

The White Butte Trails (located north of Highway 1) are a unique natural asset to enjoy free hiking and cross-country skiing opportunities. Portions of the Trans Canada Trail run throughout the RM of Edenwold No. 158.

The Southeast Regional Library has three library branches in the area offering weekly programming options – including story times for parents and children.

Neighbouring communities have curling rinks, senior centres, an outdoor swimming pool, golf courses, baseball diamond, splash parks, skate parks, rodeo arenas, and community halls. A variety of churches operate in the area.

Thanks in part to the vision of Great Plains Leaseholds, over the years Emerald Park and White City have emerged as a vibrant business and commercial areas, and also as a wonderful place to call home.